Back Pain 101: 7 Tips to Help Prevent Back Pain

Roughly $200 billion dollars are spent every year on back pain management. It’s the most typical reason for lost workdays and a drop in productivity. Pain in the lower back is, without a doubt, quite a burden. With a lifetime prevalence rate of around 70% (1) (2)

If you are looking to give your back a rest, then you are in the right place. We listed a couple of practical solutions that can help you avoid this type of issue so that you can function in tip-top shape. Here are the tips you’d wish you’d known sooner.

1.   Do Some Aerobics
Research indicates that aerobic workouts have a lot to offer when it comes to chronic low back pain (CLBP). They promote better blood flow and nutrients to the soft tissue, thus amplifying the natural recovery and reducing stiffness.
To top it all off, 30 min to 40 min of aerobics promote endorphin production. This is a key brain chemical that helps reduce the perception of pain. Even working out 20 min can still help you reap the benefits. In fact, CLBP drastically dropped by 20% in the group that did aerobics, compared to the 15% recorded in the muscle training group. (3)
Tip: Back injuries like strains and sprains can be prevented with a good warm-up routine. Exercising the core muscles can give your back the support it needs.

2.   Make Your Diet a Priority
Wondering how to prevent back pain at work? People vulnerable to back pain should make their dietary regimen a primary focus. Studies show that pain in the back among healthcare workers ranges from 47% to 70%, with a 30%-point prevalence. (4)
Options like fruits and veggies can come a long way. Food packed with anti-inflammatory properties, such as fruits, veggies, lean protein, healthy fats, olive oil, and nuts, can hamper inflammation. And inflammation is known to make chronic back pain worse. (5)
Tip: Consider the Mediterranean diet as the “jack-of-all-trades.” It is highly ranked among dietitians and doctors for a good reason. It can protect against inflammation, metabolic ailments, and heart problems. (6)

3.   Don’t Sit All Day Every Day
Prolonged sitting is a major trigger for pain in the back. So, to find adequate pain management solutions, watch your sitting position and move from time to time. Avoid sitting slouched. Otherwise, you can strain the spinal discs and overstretch the ligaments.
Tip: Use a simple cushion against the chair back to give your lower back some support. Or, adjust the backrest a bit forward. (7)
When changing the sitting position doesn’t do the trick, you might want to boost the body’s self-healing abilities. Spinal alignment and manipulation can help with that. Realigning the spine through chiropractic care will curb the pressure on the central nervous system and aid with pain management. Dr. Justin Hunter of Pure Health and Wellness has the right skills to mitigate the issue.

4.   Find the Sleeping Position That Works for You
How do I prevent back pain when sleeping? This is another question that pops up for those looking to improve their overall health and wellness. There isn’t a single sleeping position that works for everyone. Rather, you should experiment and see which one takes away the pressure from the back. Use your best judgment based on your comfort levels to find the proper solutions.

5.   Let Off Some Steam
For those who want to know how to avoid lower back pain, reducing stress can help. 2020 reports show there is a connection between emotional stress and severe pain. When you are stressed, you are more likely to keep your muscles tense. This tension puts a lot of pressure on the body. What you can do is try meditation, yoga, deep breathing, or similar solutions that will keep your mind at ease. (8)

6.   Up Your Water Intake
Dehydration may cause some sort of pain in the back. That’s because the discs between the vertebrae require fluid to cushion the bones. Dehydration could make them slightly brittle and dry, which amplifies the pain. So, if you want some tips to avoid back pain, then drinking water remains imperative. (9)

Years of an unhealthy lifestyle and stress lead to many health issues and cause an increase in stress-related health problems. It’s important to prioritize your health and look for means to balance your life with exercise and recreational sports with proper rest and diet. Always remember to get the proper medical treatment, and sometimes, getting a health coach might help solve a few issues.

At Pure Health & Wellness, Dr. Hunter sees chiropractic as a whole-body approach to pain management and wellness. As such, we treat our patients for their current pain, but also educate them on body biomechanics, exercise, and wellness to help them take charge of their own health and make improvements on their own.  If you’re in the Chicagoland area or surrounding suburbs, do not hesitate to contact us.