Meet Justin Hunter, D. C., DCBCN

​As a long term resident of the Naperville Community, Dr. Justin Hunter started the family practice, Hunter Family Chiropractic, which is now called Pure Health & Wellness. He graduated from the “fountainhead” of Chiropractic care, Palmer College of Chiropractic, and Cum Laude from Bradley University with a Bachelor of Science degree.

​Dr. Hunter's Approach:

Chiropractic is a holistic care approach to pain management and biomechanical function. That means, we are committed to getting to the root cause of your pain.​

Understanding the reason for your pain is the first step in correcting underlying structures and systems for long-term and pain-free function.

Dr. Hunter sees chiropractic as a whole body approach to pain management and wellness. As such, we treat our patients for their current pain, but also educate them on body biomechanics, exercise, and wellness to help them take charge of their own health and make improvements on their own.

Dr. Hunter help patients get back to their normal activity levels without pain or fear of re-injury.

Peace of mind is more than a feeling, it is a way of life. We are dedicated to providing you with peace of mind every day.

​We can address your pain, but also help you get on track to feeling better, everyday, all day. Through our knowledge and experience, we can target your main concerns and those that lay just below the surface.

Born at Edwards Hospital, Naperville native Dr. Justin Hunter remembers hanging out in the fire station that is now Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria, with his father who was a Naperville fire fighter. And while his mother would grocery shop at Cee Bee’s, Justin would meander down Jefferson Avenue, making regular stops at the City Meat Market for a slice of bologna, and Oswald’s to check out the candy selection.  

​Life was good. Everyone knew your name. These are just some of the fond memories he has of growing up in a place he loved. So when the chiropractor and owner of Pure Health and Wellness had an opportunity to move his practice, it’s no surprise he chose Naperville.

“Naperville is a big town that feels small,” said Hunter. “To me, it just feels like home. My family and I are really comfortable here.”

Dr. Hunter in his Naperville home with wife and daughter.