Clinical Nutrition And Weight Loss Programs

Both start with the same corner stone – a balanced diet. Where the two divide depends on you, your goals, lifestyle and commitment.

We are dedicated to working alongside you to ensure your body is in balance physically, emotionally and mentally. Let us pick apart your daily food calories and nutritional value. Simple little steps can tip the scales in your direction to losing a few pounds or creating a lasting lifestyle change.

Dr. Justin Hunter, D. C., DCBCN is a certified Clinical Nutrition specialist who can change your whole world if you listen to his advice on basic eating habits and exercises that could help you lose the weight you need and to feel better about yourself.

What we do:

  • Assist in clinical nutrition
  • Overall custom evaluation of your current food program
  • Help you to become your own nutritionist 
  • Assist you in an overall weight loss program
  • Offer supplements
  • Offer weight loss programs

All programs are customized for each individual person.